Taíno - The Hidden Truth

I'm Shalah Rose, a Taíno artist. I use the power of music and the arts to tell the hidden story of the Taíno - a lost tribe. All of our stories are connected, and this is an important missing piece of the puzzle. My mission is to create an outlet where everyone can learn and grow creatively, and be a part of the Taíno movement through the power of the arts.

My new storefront features hand made Taíno art and custom products with a powerful, one of a kind design. 


This is an exclusive performance of Shalah Rose's newest unreleased song, Diaspora. The song tells the hidden story of the lost Taíno tribe. This heartfelt performance took place at the Spenard Jazz Fest in Anchorage, Alaska.

About Shalah Rose

Shalah Rose is a multifaceted artist from Anchorage, Alaska. She is a painter, recording artist, singer/songwriter, professional dancer, choreographer, and certified BalletBeFit instructor. She started out in the world of ballet as a toddler, and developed a love for musical theatre in early childhood. As her artistry developed, Shalah Rose picked up playing violin, guitar, piano, and percussion. She developed a unique and distinctly sweet vocal sound. She has performed as the front woman of rock, jazz, and blues bands in Alaska, and has played solo in Las Vegas. Shalah Rose is known for the raw and intimate way in which she connects with her audience, and how she tells her story through song. Shalah Rose aims to use her platform to elevate the Taíno's hidden story. 


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